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How to Kaizen your morning routine, establish goals, and thrive in Life

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There are a TON of things I need to accomplish in the morning to set myself up for a successful, productive and joyful day.  It takes a bit of planing and a lot of understanding yourself and your goals to accomplish everything you need to in a days time.  I am constantly seeking the perfect routine that address all the many avenues my path must take before 8 am. 

I believe that at the heart of a daily routine you need to know your goals inorder to achieve them and to do that you need to know your truth so here's a step by step process to help you establish a great morning routine that leads to daily successes.  I don't by into the one size fits all philosophy here.  The same routine that works for me- living on an Island in NC in the winter with a husband, 2 kids, a dog, and bread winner will work for you-who might be in a city in California, single, and in school.  I've been reading "self help" books, magazines, and blogs for forever and learned that there are hundreds of philosophies, religions, guides, gurus, seerers which offer great methods for establishing routines but there are so many morning rituals one "needs to do" that you could be"routining" till sundown just trying to get through the morning!

I also kinda really dislike the repeated reminder of "tips for successful people" which often makes me wonder, "who are these successful people you speak of?" Are they late 20 something career driven women with no kids, no yards, no cars and nothing  to do in the morning but curl their hair and walk to the corner coffee cafe on their way to class or the office when they commence work at 9:00 am.  Or, are "successful people" those who have a shit ton of money and maybe a job or not, and might have kids but have aupairs and house keepers and chefs that afford them the time to brush their skin and preform daily oil messages while thanking their body parts before soaking in a essential oil bath...and that's before working out! (I'm referring to parts of the Ayruveda morning routine here-can you imagine?) Then These thoughts make me wonder if I'm a successful person...(see the ADD mind in overtime here?) I have a career, a family, a basic belief that life is good, but I cant compare my life, daily tasks, goals or successes to those of Gwyneth Paltrow or  who I love to learn things from but I mean, this morning Latte recipe - It looks great but I can't even . Then I think, I cant do/afford/want/need that, which leads me to a place of self judgment and pity and I don't have time for that mess to reach my goals and succeed!


We have to define our terms of success by measuring our achievements and how they lead us closer to the goals we have defined for our Lives.

How do we do that? First you have to establish your goals!

Start with Journaling.  A really great resource that helped me discover my short term goals is Self Journal helps you find what you want to do/get/be and break it down to achievable daily tasks.  Once you've determined goals and tasks you can start to establish your Kaizen or the smallest, most incremental, improvements or baby steps — you can make today that will make your tomorrow a little better.  these purposeful but small changes in your morning routine will help to accelerate your success with habit evolution. Which will bring closer to your Goals.


Establish your Goals

here are mine

Goal 1. Take care of my family

  1. provide healthy meals, a safe and happy home with beautiful spaces that encourage growth and creativity

  2. provide time and support for healthy athletic and scholastic practices

  3. show them much, much, so-much love

Goal 2. Take care of my personal health and live beautifully

  1. create a daily meditation and yoga/exercise practice

  2. get closer too clean living and Ayruveda life style with regard to diet, exercise, and daily routine
  3. maintain order in my home so I can avoid the mini self implosions that occur on a regular basis when my house is out of order and I cant see past the mess and the clutter.

Goal 3. Grow my business

  1. create a space online to share my expirences and provide fabulous things that...
  2. create beautiful spaces for people, that inspire and assist in creating joyful moments

  3. make a lot more money so I can hire people and work less to make more

If I don't have my goals in mind when I begin my day I find myself aimless what to do next and how I can get through the day without brushing my hair and avoiding anyone familiar if I have to run to the grocery or heaven forbid, meet a client!


Know Thy Truth

be realistic, face the facts of your own personal truths when establishing your morning routines with Kaizen in mind.  Also be aware, the best laid intentions don't always go as planed. for example, just this morning I'm in my writing time block when I heard the trash truck coming and I'm pretty sure that Stryker did not get the cans to the road as we did not get home from watching the Super Bowl until 10:55 Pm.  Life's little wrench cast here in my morning routine as I was forced to cast iPad Pro aside and run to the driveway in the foggy freezingness, in nothing but bedroom shoes, a robe and my sleep-time skivvys...On aside note here...Morning routines are best kept when prefaced by evening routines - but thats for another post)

  1. I know that I do my best writing creative thinking and planing in the morning before the house wakes and I like to do in bed with my iPad and my dog.
  2. I know that I procrastinate and look for excuses to not do things I want to accomplish. (lazy-ish)

  3. I know that if I make bacon and eggs for the kids, I HAVE to eat bacon and eggs.

  4. I know that if I don't drink a glass of lemon water first thing, I tend to digress throughout the day with my meal choice. (Crazy right...just by adding that small Kaizen to my daily routine, I'm automatically wired to eat better all day!) 

Now Kaizen your Morning Routine for Daily success

Here is where the magic happens - I know, based on my Goals and my Truths, My morning tasks for my family, myself and my career look something like this:
  1. meditate for 10 minutes
  2. Write journal for 30 minutes
  3. Get up and put exercise clothes on (10 minutes)
  4. Scrape tung rinse face
  5. Play happy music (insert task here) Wake kids, let dog out
  6. Drink warm lemon water (insert task here) Make breakfast and lunch, Send kids off to school by 7:25 am
  7. Plan my day