Indehouse is the bomb-digity and you should hire Keely to design and furnish your home. That's it


Indehouse is family owned and operated by Keely Owens and her husband Steve whom also works as a general contractor for OBRC in the lovely Outer Banks of NC with their 2 children and best dog ever, Lincoln. The two have worked side by side on many local residential projects and really enjoy the creativity they share when ever possible. Keely enjoys telling Steve what to do and Steve; well, not so much but he does it anyway.  Over the past 12 years, He's learned that her vision always proves beauty by the end, it just doesn't seem like it will in the middle.

Keely really enjoys her work in design, as-well as her personification of a favorite word "buyer" for the boutique! She looks forward to new challenges in plan alteration, living-space creation, and working with those whom are especially hard to please and can't make up their minds.

Keely enjoys practicing yoga and meditation, reading, eating wonderful food and sometimes cooking it.  She loves heading to the beach with the family and attempting to shred the nar. She loves music and misses her days of playing classical piano but hopes to learn guitar soon.  After a bio-chemistry class crushed her dreams of being a marine biologist, she then realized her talent for art in which she majored at Meredith College...deciding to save the whales by painting them.  She still paints when theres time, but she rarely finds the time mostly because she will occasionally splurge on a netflix bender, especially in the winter when the wind is blowing like crazy at 45 mph and its 20 degrees but feels like 2 below.  When she grows up, Keely would like to do everything creative and travel the world  with her family and awaken Kundalini


Leap, and the net will appear.
— john burroughs